5 inventive ways to quit your job

Deciding to leave your job for greener pastures is a big decision, and it can mean weighing up the pros and cons. Going the standard, formal resignation route can be a little boring, so we’ve put together a handy list of the most inventive ways to quit your job.

  • Spicing up your letter of resignation is a simple, yet effective, way to quit in style. You can tailor the letter to the workplace, manager and yourself. Adding a little humour can take the edge off an unexpected resignation, and it’s certainly an opportunity to say everything you’ve always wanted!
  • Music is the ultimate medium, so why not showcase your hidden talents with song and dance? Queen’s I Want to Break Free or Craig David’s Walking Away speak volumes – or you could go one step further and write your own song. At least you can add ‘singer/songwriter’ to your resumé…
  • Presenting your soon-to-be ex-boss with a ‘sorry for your loss’ card is the perfect way to let them know what they're missing out on!
  • Show off your flair for the dramatic by reenacting a famous movie scene. Click here for some cinematic inspiration. 
  • One of the most inventive ways to quit your job is through the use of food. Use corporate catering to appeal to the sweet-tooths in the office and quit with a cake, cookies, or cupcakes – or for a savoury twist, pizza. Spelling out your message nice and clearly is the way to go!

quit scrabble

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If you’re leaving on a positive note, hosting an office farewell with yummy office catering is definitely the way to go. Leaving one workplace for another can be the end of an era, but we hope that some of our tips are taken with a grain of salt! 

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